3 Reasons Why Using a Recruitment Agency is Cost Effective


  1. How long will your staff spend recruiting for a job?

This means advertising, interviewing, researching candidates, carrying out reference checks, sending thank you emails and getting back in contact with each applicant, doing over the phone interviews, liaising with job boards / newspapers etc.

Have you found yourself spending days, weeks or months trying to fill that role and using all your resources to get the RIGHT candidate?

Why not have someone do the work for you so you can concentrate on other matters within the business? We get it, you and your staff are busy. Offload some of the work on to Optimize Recruitment where we can go through our vast database of candidates and find the employee that will best fit the job you need filling.


  1. Advertising is not usually free!

Are you paying job boards, radio stations or newspapers to advertise for you? Firstly, you have to find which is the best medium to advertise on. Sometimes spreading the word about your job can almost be like a marketing exercise. What if the candidates you want aren’t looking at that job board or newspaper?  There’s no guarantee you will get the right candidate first time around.  We have a huge database of candidates who are either actively or inactively looking for opportunities!  That opportunity may be their dream job but, what if they don’t see it? We’ll put the effort in to make sure they see it or are contacted directly.


  1. Security.

We want your employees to stay with you for a long period of time so you can believe that we will try our very best to find the best candidate for the job. It benefits both parties to find the person best suited to the job, therefore there is something in it for everyone. We hope this is enough reassurance for you to be comfortable with finding your dream employee through Optimize Recruitment.


Nothing to lose!!!!
Ultimately, you have nothing to lose. There is no initial outlay and no marketing costs. Want us to source your dream employee? Or maybe find you your dream job? Know that you know how it all works, or if you want more information email eoin@optimizerecruitment.ie or call 0567786631 so we can help.


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