A Breath of Fresh Air

Too often we can get comfortable in our own work environment and routines to the point that we may become complacent and demotivated. That’s why I’m a fan of introducing new talent and new ideas through new employees. I clearly remember the words of a previous boss saying staff turnover is good. Given I was in control of the budget I was very surprised by this comment as I could merely see our costs increase! But eventually, I started to see where he was coming from and I would like to share some of what I believe to be the advantages of introducing new hires recruited correctly.

Ambition: New hires are ambitious talent whom will not want to be party to the office politics that may exist and they offer a non- judgmental perspective of team members. They merely want to prove themselves and drive their career in line with company goals. This drive can have an infectious effect and can encourage existing employees to further achieve.

Additional Skill sets: As a direct consequence of the recession many people have retrained or up-skilled so what you are hiring now is an individual whom has a pool of new talents. These individuals are innovative and are ready to soak up knowledge and be creative rather than conservative which adds a lot of value to companies. Cross training of these skills will develop within the company after a period of time.

Technology: As technology is constantly evolving it is extremely valuable especially from a productivity cost-saving perspective, to have employees whom are eager to adapt to the newest technology and this most definitely caters to the evolving customer. New hires are likely to bring on board different business technologies to create innovative business ideas which can be used for business growth and expansion. Sharing this knowledge base contributes greater work efficiency within a business.

Network: I’m a big fan of networking and when a new employee comes on board they are most likely to bring a network of people with them whether this is in the form of customers, suppliers, contacts in relation to funding experts or digital marketing experts. This I personally find to be hugely beneficial.

However, in order to fully optimise new hires within a company and to motivate existing staff talent integration is vital so as to positively influence productivity with a company. “As a team, we learn from each other

Still Don’t have the budget

The temporary/contract staff work arrangement also gives employers the opportunity to experience new talent and my own belief is that the return on investment is still there.

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