Commitment. It takes two!

No you haven’t stumbled onto a dating website!  The recruitment process requires commitment.  From you-our client, the Recruitment Agency and your Recruitment Consultant.

Your chosen Recruitment Company must be committed to offering exceptional service. This commitment should not be just their tagline, it must be demonstrated through their dealings with you. The Recruitment Company should be as invested in your success as they are in their own. So how can they prove this to you? They must ensure that their consultants follow the golden rules, treat each candidate the way you would like to be treated, practice in an ethical and honest fashion, be thorough, leave no stone unturned, and above all, ensure that their consultants are invested in you, their candidate’s success.

The Consultant must also show commitment to the process/journey. You are after all placing your future and let’s face it, perhaps your family’s future in their hands. The Consultant demonstrates their commitment by firstly acknowledging your application.  Then where at all possible, they should arrange a meeting with you, to get a clear understanding of your personality, what it is you are seeking, is company culture the most the most important thing, to you? Is it career progression, do you want to reduce your daily commute? The list goes on. But if the consultant and you for that matter, are not committed to this meeting, success might be just that little bit more difficult to achieve.

The Consultant must also show a commitment to his/her clients in the same way they do to you their candidate. They must also take the time to get to know their client’s business, culture, etc., for without this knowledge or familiarity a marriage between a suitable candidate and client could be doomed from the start, after all, as the saying goes, you can’t put a square peg in a round hole. .

And then we have the candidate.  Commitment from the candidate is the basis on which all of this is founded! If you are not committed to taking the leap and changing your job, then we have failed before we have even started. It takes commitment to make the time to prepare your CV.  To contact the Recruitment Company, to make that call and follow up your application, meeting the consultant responsible for assisting you on your journey.  Then you must keep up that commitment by researching your potential employer prior to the interview, sacrifice the time to attend for interview and ultimately, committed to that leap and accepting that new job offer. There is no quick fix… the process of finding that new job takes time and dare I say it again… Commitment.

If you would like to discuss your next career move, contact us in Optimize Recruitment.  We are a team of committed Recruitment Consultants, dedicated to achieving your success.

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Written by Laura La’Brooy, you can contact me at

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