Dark Winter Mornings and Our Battle with Getting Up for Work

Here are some tips to making it easier to get up for work on a winters morning. If you start now; by the time winter has really set in you will hopefully be in a good routine.

The way you start your day can make a big difference to the way you feel all day, so ensure you start it right!


  1. A Good Breakfast.

A good breakfast, rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins will give your body and brain a good boost of energy.  It might mean that you have to rise a little earlier to give you time but, being a “breakfast-person” pays off in countless ways.

As well as helping you establish a positive, productive morning routine; studies show that people who always eat a decent breakfast are less likely to be overweight and tend to be generally healthier and who would complain about that? Not me anyway.


  1. Do your breakfast / lunch prep.

By doing some prep work before going to bed you can have a breakfast fit for a king ready to go in no length – whether that means porridge stewing overnight, a bowl with cereal in it ready to go for the morning or if you’re a fruit-salad kind of person then having it prepped in the fridge the night before.  Don’t forget about smoothies, juices, fruit and nuts and hard-boiled eggs just to change it up.

The thought of prep is worse than the task itself and it may mean that extra 5 minutes in bed.


  1. Bathe the night before and prep clothes.

Being fresh is obviously a big priority when you’re working in close proximity with people but, if you spend 10 minutes in the shower/bath while waiting for your dinner to cook it can help you wind down for a better sleep but, also give you an extra few minutes in bed the next morning.

If you have your clothes ready the night before – Laid out, Ironed and ready to pop on when you’re up then, you can avoid the rooting around to try and find what you’re wearing. This also avoids leaving the room like a burglary scene in the morning as you head out to work.

An idea I adapted during my school years was to leave my school uniform on the radiator to make sure it’s nice and toasty for the next morning. Whatever you can do to make it easier to get up in the morning, on these cold winter mornings.


  1. Change your alarm.

If like me, you get used to clicking the snooze button on your alarm it’s always good to change up your tune to make sure that your mind and your body gets into the habit of waking up bright and early.


  1. Sleep for 8-10 hours at least a couple times a week.

We all know that getting a full 8 hours for most people isn’t possible with other life-commitments every night… of every week. If you plan on a Tuesday and Thursday that you have no prior commitments – you can make up for any sleep you may have lost out on.

  1. Wind Down.

Most people expect to go jogging, watch TV and play with the dog for a couple of hours and then jump into bed and fall straight asleep whereas most research shows that this isn’t possible.  Grab a good book or a not so great book if your keen on boring yourself to sleep and lay down for a while, do some yoga or some other relaxing things to get your mind prepared for that fantastic sleep you’re about to get


If you’re still not feeling the motivation for your job, maybe you’re looking for a change?  If you are or you need some upbeat go-getters for your thriving business please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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