How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

Skype interviews have become more & more common over the last number of years, especially within international recruitment but preparing for such an interview is important.

You have more than likely heard all the tips about preparing for job interviews. The initial focus tends to be about, turning up early, firm hand shake, etc. But what if you are scheduled for a Skype interview?

Some tips to help you to prepare for such as call:


  • Get rid of distractions

At a face-to-face interview there are no distractions, you are in the room with interviewers, focused on their questions and your answers, with a Skype call at home; you need to ensure you have the correct environment to focus. Find a quiet room in your house (easier said than done in my own house!!). Away from any TV / radio noise and away from outside noise (The dog barking! The neighbour cutting the lawn! The children!).


  • Prepare correctly

If you were attending an interview with a potential employer and you have children – you would not bring them to the interview right? Exactly the same, if you are expecting a Skype call, make arrangements so there are no potential interruptions.


  • Venue

If someone is calling you by Skype, you don’t want their first impression to be of you lying down on the couch with a “snack box” beside you! Ideally sit at a table / desk and sit up straight.  Be aware when setting up the interview location – what is behind you? Is it appropriate & not a distraction to the interviewer? (A poster of Satan in the background – may raise more questions than answers!)


  • Notes

One major advantage of a Skype interview is that you can have any information you need at your fingertips (well at a glance anyway!). If you often get nervous during interviews and forget your prepared answers, a Skype interview is ideal.  You can use something like “yellow sticky memo pads” and pin them around your laptop, or on the wall you are facing during the call. The reason – the Skype interviewer will see you looking straight ahead, maintain eye contact (not looking the left or right, etc – hence you don’t look like you are losing focus, or staring at the one spot the whole time checking notes.)


  • Check your Skype Connection

Ensure your connection is working correctly. Test it! Call a friend, get used to the look and feel of using Skype, if you are not already. Know where the camera is? See you look from the view the potential employer.


  • Treat it like any other Interview

A Skype phone interview may seem like a chance to take things easy. It’s nice to not have to worry about all those little extra things that make going to an interview so stressful. But it’s important that you take it as seriously as any other interview. This is most likely the company’s first contact with you, so make it count!! Be confident, articulate and professional.


Be memorable – for the RIGHT Reasons!!


Best of Luck.

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