New Year, New Diet, New Job! Are You Really Serious or Just Having a Bad Day?

Things have been busy thankfully, but the downside is I have put on a few pounds. Baby fat? Nope, pure indulgence on my behalf, but there is hope because the New Year is nearly upon us and that will change everything. Right? Will I REALLY start watching what I eat? Will I REALLY go to the gym 4 times a week? Will I REALLY have a 6 pack by March? It’s possible, but it won’t happen just because it’s the New Year. I have to do something about it. I have to REALLY make the decision that this is something I want and I will need to work at it to get it.
Looking for a new job is exactly the same.
You need to be sure that this is not a New Year whim and that not only do you want a change, but you REALLY need a change.
What is your ‘why’? Why do you want a change?
This needs to be substantial.
Is your ‘why’ something that your current employer can change easily? A rule of thumb is if you need to get the offer of a new role in order for your current employer to take notice, then you are in the wrong company.
Is your gripe temporary or are there issues that cannot or will not be resolved?
If your ‘why’ is strong enough and you have made that decision then you must take action. Polish off your CV, update it and start the ball rolling now because 2018 is looking very bright, very bright for sure.

Send that c.v to when you are ready to make the change!

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