Performance Management and Your Employees

Effective evaluations and performance management can have a hugely significant impact on the culture, morale and engagement levels of your employees. All of these things boosts retention of staff, support, loyalty and the overall mood of an organisation.

Think about your business as a family and ask yourself these three questions:


  1. What are you doing to reward good work?

In a family, it’s crucial to make sure good behaviour is rewarded and in the least patronizing way possible. This is also very important to any organisation.  There are a number of ways to reward good work eg. Salary increases, incentives on sales, staff nights out, verbal and written appraisals, brag-boards, certificates of achievement and even just delegating extra responsibilities.

Some of these are going to cost you as a company, but just watch the positive effects flow in once you’re consistent with your recognition.


  1. Are you making time for fun?

Work is work, but with the limelight on mental-health in recent times, we believe it’s important to have days where your employees feel involved. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your staff.  We’ve seen Bank of Ireland do multi-cultural day and help an older person day. These are prime examples of ways to get your staff involved.  It’s also a great way to motivate and encourage your staff which hacks out a lot of racism and ageism.

Taking a leaf from Bank of Ireland’s book; we’ve seen that during their multi-cultural day, each team had to pick a country and create banners, cakes, or dress how they would in that country. Why not challenge your team to do something like this?

What a fantastic idea!


  1. Do you have a path set out for the valued members of your team / family?

A lot of the best candidates we’ve seen have been with the same company for 5-10 years but hadn’t moved up the ladder more than once or twice. This is no reflection on them as employees because sometimes we overlook these individuals as employers because they’re doing such a fantastic job in their current position.

A new step we have seen with some clients is to have a conversation with individuals who have been working with you for a while and find out what THEY want.


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