Recruiters: The Good, The BAD & THE UGLY!

This topic grinds my gears as it shines a dim light on my chosen profession. I would like to think I am good at what I do, I’m ethical to a fault and I genuinely care what both my clients and candidates want. And I am not alone. There are some excellent consultants out there that share my views, adopt the same approach and they see the bigger picture.

HOWEVER, there is a calibre of consultants that are “fly by night” and short-lived in the industry and will sell their granny to get a placement. They NEVER last, but their trail of destruction is felt by the industry for a much longer time.

So, how do we spot the diamonds and sift out the dirt?

Here are a few general rules of thumb. Follow these and you should be fine:

Good Consultants:

  • Are knowledgeable in their chosen speciality area.
  • Are conscious as to what a candidate/client wants.
  • Are Consultative in their approach, advising and educating and generous with their time.
  • Are never aggressive or disrespectful to a candidate or client because the chosen outcome is not what they had hoped.
  • Are honest in every aspect including telling a candidate where they are falling down.

Bad Consultants:

  • Don’t communicate or return calls, emails or texts.
  • Over promise and under deliver.
  • Think they know what someone wants instead of listening to what they actually want.
  • Are not focused on their search and throw enough against the wall hoping something will stick.

Ugly Consultants:

  • Are mercenary and only in it for the quick buck.
  • Aggressive and pushy giving you false information to coax or bully you into accepting a role.
  • Are only interested in people who they think they can get a job quickly.
  • Lie in order to further their own agenda or pocket.

There are good and bad in every profession and often it’s a case of trial and error before you find that good electrician or handyman or doctor etc.

Know the signs, interview your consultant, after all, you are placing your C.V in their hands.

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