Recruitment: The Circle of Life – When is the best time to start looking for a job?

Is recruitment seasonal? Yes. Well kinda. In general, there are busier times than others. As a very general rule, this tends to follow the academic year, when the kids are off recruitment slows down. People take holidays when their loved ones are on a break and so recruitment stops or slows down while they are away.

In short:

  • January to June = Busy
  • July to August = Quiet
  • September to Early December = Busy
  • Mid-December to January = Very quiet

Now, this is not the same for all sectors and common sense must prevail here. For example, the busy times within Accountancy Practices, especially the Big 4, is January to April, but they look from September to November to have them trained and inducted for the busy times. Hotels = Summer, Toy Factories = June to November, again logic dictates.

So when is the best time to start looking for your next job? February? September?

No. The simple answer is, whenever you are ready to move. There is no such time as the best time. If you are good at what you do, confident (but not arrogant) in your ability and you are ready now, then don’t wait! Particularly since the market has turned and good people are hard to find, in reality, recruitment never stops, it just slows down and most companies, particularly large companies,  are always looking for 2 main reasons:

(1) they need the best of the best to progress and move forward

(2) so you are not snapped up by competitors.

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