Regional Employment – Branding Potential?

So with St. Patricks weekend just finishing up, the whole world has celebrated being Irish! Over 300 Famous Monuments and Buildings went “green” this weekend as part of Tourism Ireland’s 2018 Global Greening initiative. It is amazing and it is something in Ireland we do very well: Branding and selling the country. Take a bow.

But taking a look at employment and especially at a more local level we need to package and sell the benefits of working; for example; in the South East of Ireland.

As an employer and recruiter in the South East of Ireland, I feel we don’t “package” the career potential opportunities correctly.

When I say that, it is not promoting pictures of; a beautiful sunset over Kilkenny Castle, the amazing Hook lighthouse in Co. Wexford or the inspiring Greenway in Co. Waterford. Tourism Ireland does that already. I can list numerous other benefits such: rush hour traffic (What rush hour traffic?), work-life balance, cost of living and the list goes on……

And while all the above are certainly a benefit to living and working in the South East, it’s the career benefits that need to be promoted more.

There is a perception in the marketplace that if you are working in Dublin, Cork, UK, etc and you wish to relocate to the South East (For whatever reason; family, home, god I just like the place!) that you will take a backward step, from a career perspective. Why?

There are multiple amazing, innovative companies (Example: IT, manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, SME’s) based throughout the South East that can and are offering ambitious, career driven individuals the opportunities to not only develop their own careers’ but also the prospect to work in amazing surroundings. It is not being branded and sold as that, I don’t think.

Just one aspect, with modern technology, the world is a smaller place and job opportunities in the South East can match your ambition. We need to promote and celebrate the employers throughout the region and dispel the notion that a move to this region, will impact your career in a negative way.

We need to work as a Region to promote the employment opportunities and working as a region is the key (Part 1). We do it from a tourism perspective (Irelands Ancient East, Three Sisters 2020, etc), so why not as an employment hotbed (If you will!) !

The skills of the people that currently live in the region are also key (Part 2). They have the skills but they feel they have travel outside of the region for their employment. We can match their skills & their ambitions with current and potential new employers to the region. Using their capabilities to further enhance the brand potential.

All regional Business Chambers & the IDA working TOGETHER along with insights from regional employers (from various sectors; SME’s to Multinational, even recruitment consultancies!) and a clever marketing company to create and develop a brand, that promotes that career opportunities are available for ambitious individual too!

So, You can look out at the sun setting over Kilkenny Castle from your office and feel fulfilled in your career potential. Moving to the South East or within the region does not have to be a compromise! It can be career enhancing, from every perspective.

Brand It, Promote it and sell it!

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