Scared of Interviews? Don’t get Spooked!

Yes, yes, I do realise this is a shameful link to Halloween, so sue me!

However, there is a much more serious topic to discuss here and that is how do you cope with those interview jitters?

To some, this is not an issue and for various reasons, either the nature of their job or chosen pastime perhaps puts them in stressful situations regularly and so they have no issues dealing with it or alternatively, they just have a natural confidence.

To others an interview is hell on earth. A natural introvert may consider having to talk about themselves to a panel of strangers almost as a violation and tantamount to root canal work. This blog is for the latter.

We can make this as complicated as we like, as so many people love to do, but the issue here is mind-set. It’s about how you think and what you think – not about the company or the interviewer, but about yourself.

What do you truly believe about you?

Are you a hard worker? Are you an honest and ethical person? Are you a loyal and trusted employee? ARE YOU GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO?

This is the first step. If you answer NO to these questions then I wish you well.

If you can wholeheartedly answer YES then come with me.

The key to an interview is preparation. No surprises there. There are plenty of articles which will test how well you know your CV, the company etc., BUT how can you prepare yourself mentally?

The day before an interview, once the “academic” preparation is done, now write down why you personally believe you should get the job. What makes you a good employee? Good qualifications? Being promoted? Caring about your work? Working those extra hours to make sure the job is done right? What we are trying to do is to get to a place where you are confident in your own ability. That you know you deserve this job and that you know you would be good at it.

Remember interviewers want you to do well. They want you to be the answer to their problems and they would not take time out of their busy day if on paper they did not think you had the skills to do the job.

So just before the interview, when sitting in the car or wherever, arrive a few minutes early to gather yourself, deep breaths, listen to something upbeat on your journey and then take out your list of reasons why you should get this job. Really take it in. Whatever it takes get in that positive mind-set. Only you know what works for you as we all have our different ways. Now you are mentally prepared so what are you waiting for, go get em!

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