The Benefits of Entering Business Awards

It is with great pride I write this blog given Optimize Recruitment are up for small business of the year award with Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce on 25th of this month.

As my last blog revolved around networking I think it’s appropriate that I highlight some of the benefits associated with entering business awards.

The deterrent for some businesses is the time it takes to collaborate the information but on the positive side of this, we all need to take time out and look at our company from various aspects such as our offering to the marketplace, clients, staff, strategy going forward and how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.

Conducting a SWOT/SOAR analysis with staff is essential – from a management perspective, we can get caught up in the day-to-day running of the business and fail to see the small things which staff see that can be extremely beneficial from a new ideas perspective or from a risk analysis perspective.

Business Awards are a perfect opportunity for you to promote what it is you do well within your sector, praise your staff and assess what your business is up to. If you are not putting yourself forward for an award, you stand to miss out on a number of advantages as listed below.

Marketing and Promotion:
As we all know it’s difficult to control a Marketing budget, therefore, in this competitive business environment any form of free marketing should be taken with two hands. Awards are often overlooked when it comes to planning your business’ marketing activity, but just being named a finalist can improve brand awareness and new customers can get a sense of your knowledge and hard work.

Being associated with a business awards event can provide great PR opportunities during the pre-event promotion, during and after the event. You have an ideal opportunity to tell existing and new potential clients about your excellent service and all the things your business does well. Awards celebrate hard work and success and it is a great opportunity to put your business in the spotlight and have your achievements acknowledged.

In order to maximise the PR exposure, it is vital to include the award logo on your email, LinkedIn, marketing material and website.

Review Process Of Your Business:

The application process for entering a business awards represents a great opportunity to review your business. The process will not only allow you to identify your successes but also can highlight some areas required for improvement and provide a good opportunity to conduct a competitor analysis. It allows you to stand back and think about the direction the company is going in and entices you to think carefully about the future of the company and growth plan required accordingly to meet these goals. When entering any award you need to ensure your business stands out from the rest.


Recognition and Creditability:

Being selected as a finalist for an award is like a third party endorsement of your services or product. Being named a finalist is a seal of approval, a sign of quality and excellence. It adds credibility as customers know straight away that you are a reputable and quality business. This free marketing can be huge and it will enhance and get your brand out there.


Staff Recognition and Team Building:

Employees like to be associated with a winner. Succeeding in business requires a team effort and picking up an award gives recognition to your staff’s contribution to the businesses success. This is invaluable in terms of boosting morale and making employees feel proud of the company and their contribution. Too often does the work of employees go unnoticed, and it is this work that can ensure the future growth of your business.


Networking opportunities:

Taking advantage of this opportunity to network is critical when it comes to remaining relevant and active in your sector. This, in itself, can be a bigger win on an Awards night than the prize itself. The actual award event allows you to connect with new customers and business networks and it is a key opportunity to join with these business leaders in helping them grow their business for the future and also learn from their success.

Of course, the opportunity to dress up, have a night out and be social with the team in a relaxed environment can reaffirm dedication and passion for the business. I’m looking forward to Saturday night and fingers crossed for Optimize Recruitment.


Author: Mary Young (FC of Optimize Recruitment).

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