The Importance of CSR

The Kilkenny Chamber of commerce have added a new category this year to their upcoming awards. The Award is called: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Defined as:

This category is open to any Kilkenny enterprise [including for profit and not for profit] that is committed to positively impacting on the community through their Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The applicant should be able to clearly demonstrate innovative engagement and a clear strategy that makes a real contribution to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for society. The company should also illustrate a successful project including the aims, how it was rolled out, what the outcomes were including KPIs and how they were measured.


This is not a new phenomenon, but this is an exciting award and hugely relevant, as business owners/companies need to be and are more aware of their contribution to society.


Employees are recognizing this also.

More and more employees are not just looking at the salary level, they want to be associated with a company/business that has a positive impact; whether that be energy saving policies, local educational development programs or social development projects.

Building a highly regarded and trustworthy reputation is valuable and observers appreciate that social responsibility initiatives take time to establish and manage.

Furthermore, being part of a scheme; for example that helps disadvantaged people or those otherwise in need, can help boost morale for employees within the responsible company. Along with other methods of morale boosting, this can lead to greater productivity among the workforce. Knowledge that a product and service has a great influence on social causes can be a genuine delight to employees, customers and business owners alike.


Plus there are benefits for the company:

  • Cost saving benefits: For example an effective sustainability programme can provide substantial saving for the business.
  • Customer Awareness: Using CSR can help you engage with your customers in new ways. Since the message is about something “good,” it can often be an easier way to talk to your customers. This is an underused tool for business-to-business company communication.
  • Brand Recognition: CSR gives the opportunity to incorporate the companies values into their business model.
  • Reallocation of budgets: for example: companies that have introduced effective energy reduction programmes have been seen to reallocate these saving into increasing headcount, resulting in increased output.
  • Attraction of potential Investment: For example: When companies donate money to non-profit organizations and encourage their employees to volunteer their time, they demonstrate to investors that they do not just care about profits.
  • Employee Engagement: Back to where we started; your employees / potential employees like working for a company that has a good public image and is constantly in the media for positive reasons. Happy employees almost always equal better productivity.

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