Things to remember when interviewing potential employees

We have often spoken to candidates who tell us about their experience in interviews.  We see it all the time; where a candidate has an excellent attitude going in, yet leaves feeling deflated and unenthusiastic.

There are a number of reasons why this should not be the norm!


  1. Promote your company!

Although you’re recruiting for this position and you need to make sure that the candidate is right for your business, just remember that you’re promoting your business through word of mouth also.  Most people these days will tell at least ONE person if they’ve had a good or bad experience in interview and the way word of mouth travels; that’s really important to keep in mind.


  1. It sets a tone.

If your interviewing technique is too laid back when you’re hiring, but you’re expecting this person to walk into a difficult position in a high-stress environment, it can give off the wrong impression.  Set the tone and don’t let candidates’ expectations be unrealistic.

Remember that the more honest and realistic you are in the beginning, the more respect they will have for you in the long-term. It also gives them an opportunity to decline the position before wasting your time or their own time if it doesn’t suit.


  1. It costs nothing to be kind!

Most people have been for an interview at some stage of their lives and for this reason we all know how daunting and tough it can be. Even feeling judged and inferior sometimes.  If you’ve ever been at an interview with unkind interviewers just remember that feeling.  Of course, it’s important to be professional too, but just remember that we’re all human and we all make mistakes.  If you see someone nervous, ask them do they want a glass of water. Ask them if they’re familiar with the area or how their day has been so far.  These little gestures will bring out the best in your prospective employees and do you not want to be the company that motivates people and inspires people?  You never know how it may reflect on you in the future!


  1. Be Professional.

Don’t sit back or slouch in your chair. Don’t speak negatively about other staff members or companies. Don’t intimidate candidates.  Remember it’s not just a clients’ market, it’s a candidates’ market too and if you’re going through all the work to advertise, source and interview these candidates – put in that tiny bit of extra effort and you may be onto a winner.


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