Who won BEST Small Business of the Year? These Guys!

Last week Optimize Recruitment won “Small Business of the Year” for 2017 Awarded by the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce.

Now what was involved in this, what does this mean or does it mean anything?

The requirements for this were very stringent and it was a 3 stage process:

  1. Firstly, you need to be nominated by unbiased sources. A business is not going to nominate another business, for anything, unless they believe in that company and the service they provide. We were confident in our own abilities and we look after our clients, so this was not a chore.
  2. Secondly, a very detailed application needed to be prepared and submitted. This is something we took very seriously at Optimize and we put serious time into discussing “what do we actually stand for?” Once this is submitted, all applications are then reviewed and a short list of applicants are then invited to make a presentation to the Board.
  3. Our presentation was then made by our Managing Director and Financial Controller, detailing where we came from, where we are now and where we plan to be. This is again reviewed, shortlisted to 3 businesses and the winner is announced at the 5 star black tie event in the Lyrath Estate Hotel.

So we won! Celebrations ensued and congratulations were offered hand over fist for the achievement.

But is this an achievement?

Damn right it is!

If you put aside the application, the effort, and the fine dining, this is a genuine recognition by your peers that you do a bloody good job. With stiff completion, any of which thoroughly deserved to win, we were chosen as the leading small business of 2017 with the most potential going forward.

This is HUGE for any business, but I would argue more so for a recruitment consultancy.

Recruitment gets a lot of bad press. Some deservedly so due to mercenary and unscrupulous consultants or basically ones that don’t know what they are doing due to lack of experience, knowledge or both.

This just goes to show that Optimize Recruitment DOES NOT fall under any of these categories, that we are ethical, knowledgeable and look out for the best interests of BOTH our clients and candidates alike. I know this, anyone who has dealt with us knows this, our peers and the general business community within the South-East knows this and this Award symbolizes this.

For me personally, I was at a crossroads before I joined Optimize. Was recruitment for me in the future, despite my 8+ years in the sector? This place has changed my mindset completely. The customer focus, the value Optimize adds to its clients, the attitude towards candidates and always ensuring we give them an honest and professional service, knowing that even if we can’t or don’t place someone, they have still gotten something positive from the experience.

The future is very bright here in Optimize, it’s not world domination……yet. It’s business as usual with the intention to increase our foothold on the South East where industries not only want to work with us, but need to work with us and I for one, am very excited.

Author: Alan Grant – Head of Accountancy & Finance Recruitment


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