Why Your Employees are Everything!

So, I’m going to speak on two levels here because this means a great deal to me as a recruiter and also, as an employee.  I have seen a lot of clients; a lot of companies undervalue their staff and it’s a real shame! Working towards a good structure and the best environment is important for your business, for a number of reasons:


  1. Happiness is important for each individual

With the highlight on mental health and general wellbeing of employees it’s very important to look after your them. Do you focus right when you’re not being valued? Do you engage with staff right when you’re not feeling valued? Do you give all of your time and energy to your work when you’re not feeling valued?

Having spoken to a number of candidates; I notice that from the point of interview to the point of leaving an employment – everything counts!  I know it’s probably hard for an employer to manage every aspect of their employee relationships. Some things are out of our control but, creating a healthy, happy environment where staff feel that they can reach their full potential and that they’re valued for everything they do should be high on the list of priorities for companies.


  1. Loyalty from staff is crucial for longevity of employment

The main reasons people leave employment? Think about it… Money, Location, Company and a Bad environment!  I have seen it numerous times; you walk into a business and you hear a manager shouting at staff! You see a lack of structure for his/her employees, a lack of training, or someone who doesn’t care whether your dog died or you have had a really bad day!

I interviewed a candidate going back a few months who was with the same company almost 5 years and had helped build it from the ground-up, he put in his own time and money into creating an excellent business and his boss never said a word of thanks although he reaped the benefits. One day, a very simple disagreement happened over 4 years into his job and the employee walked out.

Do you think it was the row? Or do you think he felt unappreciated for many years of hard-work without any thanks?


  1. Why wouldn’t you want people saying positive things about your business?

People will either tell you when they’ve had a REALLY bad experience or a REALLY good experience but, they won’t tell you when they’ve had a mediocre experience.  I’ve worked on jobs and spoken with excellent candidates for specific positions where they have said “They have an awful reputation, they don’t look after their staff” – If you’re thinking long-term – this WILL damage your business


Look at Centras’ and Supervalu’s across the country – they retain their staff for years, WHY? Because there is a good environment, because under the Musgrave’s brand, emphasise is put on training, team building and structure and because people feel valued when they’re promoted to different departments and different levels of management!  They also look after their staff through any personal issues they may have!

They’re not Irelands LEADING grocery retail and wholesale company for nothing!

Have you heard of the phrase “I’m only a number” … Yeah, I’m sure you have and most people have said it at one stage or another!  When people say things like that, it all comes back to one thing and one thing only – They don’t feel valued.

Even in the simplest of situations – without building respect in your business; you’re at nothing.


Respect starts from day one…
Some of the best clients we work with who have a long retention of staff are the companies that give people opportunity in interview to explain their situation.  I have heard a lot of candidates say that they felt very intimidated in some interviews and unfortunately, sometimes interviewers can lose out on excellent candidates for this reason.  Sometimes clients forget that even though they’re holding interviews for a position they are also representing their company so, it’s important to make a good impression!

It’s not good enough to feel like just a number, most people have to feel valued and understood in their employment to be truly happy!  A lot of companies ask the question: Why am I losing staff? If you’ve lost 1 person, it may be them – if you’re losing over 20% of your business annually it’s probably something you can change if you address the issues within the business.


If you don’t feel valued and you’re considering a move or maybe you want us to help decrease the turnover of your staff – don’t hesitate in talking to us.

We work with multiple sectors here in Optimize Recruitment, each of us understanding the value of employees as much as the next!


The sectors we cover include:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Office Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • IT & Customer Service
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Nursing & Healthcare


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