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7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency In Your Job Search


There can be the perception that using a recruitment agency to aid someone in their job search can be counterproductive. As in why would a company pick my CV which has a price versus Joe or Mary Bloggs who have applied directly? Surely the Bloggs twins will get considered over me as they don’t come with an additional cost?

Here are a few logical reasons why an agency application trumps a direct application EVERYTIME.

  1. Agencies are paid to sift through the good & the bad (and also, the ugly)

Think about it! Why do companies use agencies at all? In a word, Time! If a company decides to do it alone and posts a job on the jobs boards on the internet, advertise on radio or newspaper or host a stall at a jobs fair, firstly, that comes at an initial cost, but more importantly there is the cost of time as there is no filter. Both relevant and irrelevant candidates are free to apply, on mass and as such, time is spent reviewing and engaging with irrelevant talent, as you can’t gauge a person’s calibre and personality, purely from a cold hard document like a CV. The cost based on time spent often outweighs an agency’s fee.

  1. If you are put forward by an agency, then your competition dramatically reduces

Once an agency is happy to put you forward for a role, they are happy that your experience, as a whole, matches the criteria that the prospective employer has set out. The agency will represent you, emphasise your strengths and justify why they have put you forward, selling your talents, at every turn. Also, a company will automatically add weight to your application because you have now come “recommended”.

  1. You can freely discuss salary and benefits offered versus your expectations

Applying directly for a role via newspapers, jobs boards etc. has many disadvantages, most notably is the salary. Most roles will not advertise this publically, so how do you know if it’s meeting your expectations? I can’t count the number of times I have heard of someone going through a series of interviews only to be selected and offered a salary well below their expectation. An agency will have the ball park figure of the budget for the role and can advise on your best salary expectation to accompany your application, depending on your experience, level, location etc.

  1. You can get a better understanding of a role, company and culture before you ever interview

Culture, career progression, hours, environment, interview process, psychometric testing, type of interview! You will never know these elements unless you know someone within the company already. Your agency will have done this recon work for you already. Problem solved!

  1. You get CV preparation and interview tips from experienced consultants

Put your best foot forward with the best CV possible to suit your sector and skill set. An experienced consultant is reviewing CV’s all day every day and can help you tailor your CV to bring out your strengths and thus, ensure the best possible chance of getting an interview. Once you get the call, then get your consultant to put you through your paces, asking the tough questions you may face, then take heed of their advice on how best to tackle sticky situations.

  1. Your agency is there to act as a go between during the offer and references process

In Ireland, we don’t like discussing salary. We also don’t like letting someone down. Your agency can candidly and confidentially discuss salary with you and advise on the market rate. Also, they can perform references, in advance, on your behalf, if appropriate and with your consent, of course, to use as an additional selling point to companies, making you stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, if you have been successful with another role or you simply do not want to accept an offer, an agency is there to shoulder the burden and share the bad news to the company.

  1. An agency is FREE!

The company pays the agency, so it does not cost you a cent.

As you can see, really the question you should be asking is why would I NOT use an agency?

For a confidential and discrete discussion then please forward your CV to Alan Grant at alan@optimizerecruitment.ie