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How to be Happier in the Workplace


As a full-time worker, you spend the majority of your life working.  So, for that reason, you want to spend that time in a happy environment or doing a job that brings happiness into your life.

Unhappiness at work can really reflect in your productivity and your overall results in work this is bad enough in itself however when you look at the effect it can have on you outside of work it can lead to an increase in stress levels, which can cause significant damage to the body.

What makes you happy in the workplace?  A paycheque and a level of enjoyment in your role can only go so far, it comes down to mindset and attitude if you really want to achieve happiness in the workplace.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Every day you will have workplace hurdles.  Instead of getting frustrated by these learn to embrace the challenge of getting to a successful outcome.  Remain in the present moment rather than getting caught up in the what ifs.  Address the issue and do your best to resolve it there and then, if this is not possible set out a plan of action to resolve the issue and follow this through.

  1. Be more organised

Declutter your desk at the end of each day, this can create a more pleasant and desirable atmosphere.  Arriving to a clear desk can set the tone for the day.

The first hour of the workday is the best hour to complete a pressing task and helps you set up a productive day.  Organise your day but expect the unexpected –  allow flexibility for unforeseen events.

  1. Learn something new

Every day is a school day.  Doing the same thing day in day out can be monotonous, try and challenge yourself to learn something new each day.  This can also double as a team building effort in the office.  Possibly a ‘word of the day email’ sent to all office staff.

  1. Switch off once you have finished for the day

*40% of people check work emails five times a day outside office hours

Stats like this are a worrying factor of the time we live in.  If your job becomes all-consuming it will naturally be harder to enjoy.  Practicing mindfulness and simple things like turning off your email notifications can help.  Mentally say goodbye to your workspace the moment you leave for home.

  1. Take regular breaks

Get away from your normal workplace even if only for five minutes. Try taking a break from the computer and do leave the mobile behind. Make sure that you take that lunch break and try and leave the office – it is not just for food but also for fresh air and a mental switch off.  Eat a healthy lunch and if you must snack, make sure it is healthy too.