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The Importance of Tailoring Your CV


Are you feeling like you’re continuously applying for jobs and not getting
a response?

Perhaps it means your CV is not attracting the attention of the employers you
require it to.  Tailoring your CV for the job you are applying for is key to success while
job hunting. The first place to start is by studying the job description, ensuring the
keywords in the job description are in your CV. These keywords are known as “buzz
Starting with the profile it’s important to ensure that the key skills required in the job
spec are present in your profile. The profile is a vital part of the CV as it can either
attract or lose the attention of the employer in the first few sentences, it is also
important to remember that employers are busy, and they may have a lot of CVs to
look through therefore they will not go looking for the information required. It is up to
you to make your CV stand out over the next.
When it comes to your education and employment history be sure to highlight the
most relevant first for example don&#39;t just lead with your most recent job, unless it is
the most relevant. If you have a degree in the field the employer is looking for then,
start with that. With the work history, it is important to ensure the work duties are all
relevant and again include the key skills and duties in the role you are applying for,
while of course, telling the truth! Cutting down on irrelevant duties is key here.
Remember its quality over quantity.
Although it may feel like tailoring your CV takes up a lot of time but in the long run it
will pay off as your CV will be noticed. When applying for a job the aim is to get
called to interview stage so give yourself the best possible chance by tailoring your
CV and make your CV stand out from the crowd.