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Who Ya Gonna Call?


“FOR SALE: A full set of encyclopedias – Got married recently and the wife knows bloody
We all know someone who is very opinionated, he/she has an “expert” opinion on everything most
likely from hearing “that” opinion from some randomer on Sky News etc. They are usually found out
and are either “called on it” or secretly ridiculed for their ignorance. “Better to Remain Silent and Be
Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”.
We all know someone who thinks they can fix anything, most likely from watching a video on YouTube. This often ends up in a disaster, causing injury, costing twice the original price and an ego
destroyed. I’m Guilty!
If you need legal advice, call a solicitor. If you want medical advice, call a doctor. If your electrics are
acting up call an electrician. My point? Don’t rely on amateurs when the job is serious.
The same applies to recruiting. Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming that I actually have the
education of a solicitor, but as it happens I kinda do, but that’s another conversation, however, I
am truly a specialist in my area.
I recruit in the Finance field and in particular industry and practice. I know these fields intimately,
not from Sky News or YouTube, but because I worked within them.
I was an accountant for 10 years, starting in an extremely well-respected practice in Kilkenny and
then working in a number of industry sectors for an additional 7 years. I have done the majority of
the jobs I recruit for, from auditing to accounts prep, payroll to credit control, Accounts Payable to
Financial Controller. The average recruitment consultant last 2 years in the profession – I’m in year
11. I dealt with recruiters as a candidate and as a client and while I don’t know everything and I don’t
presume to. I do however have a very strong understanding as to how best decipher what someone wants
and I’m relentless until I find it.
For a more detailed discussion then please contact me at alan@optimizerecruitment.ie
And we can have a confidential, professional and casual chat around your needs, regardless of what
side of the table you are sitting on.