How does the recruitment process work?


Optimize Recruitment works with leading businesses across a range of sectors in a variety of locations. The potential opportunities available are exciting and vast however it is our job to ensure that we understand both the needs of the client and the job seeker, to ensure we find the best fit for both parties.

Just a few points to note firstly, when registering with Optimize Recruitment:

  • There is no fee to register your CV with Optimize Recruitment.
  • If you are successful in finding a role through Optimize Recruitment, there is no fee applicable to you. To be clear – the fee is agreed in advance with your potential employer.
  • Your curriculum vitae will never be released to a client without your prior consent.
  • All dealings with Optimize Recruitment will be kept strictly private and confidential.
  • Best fit for you: Our objective is to source the job opportunity that best suits you and your career goal, as well as the needs of our clients’ job vacancy.

Optimize provides job seekers and employers with a customised service to ensure we place the most suitable people in the best opportunity available to them.  We pride ourselves on our personal, honest approach and we go above and beyond to provide an exceptional service for all our candidates and clients.

Flexibility is a key component to this service whereby we offer out of office hours and late openings on a Thursday night to facilate candidates whom are not in a position to take time to meet with us during their busy working week. We also take pride in our reputation for quality which is why we will treat every recruitment process with the same level of care.

Utilising the latest recruitment technology we match candidates to company databases based on their skillset, job requirements and career goals. In addition, we review the cultural fit for both parties.

Communication is a fundamental aspect of our recruitment process so we will take the time to listen to exactly what it is that you want to ensure that we are giving you a detailed and dedicated service.

In order to do so, we would kindly ask for you to submit your cv to us and we will then will bring you through the recruitment process steps.


How does it work? The recruitment process from a candidates’ perspective:

  1. Register your CV with Optimize: either via our website, sending it to a specific recruiter or applying for a specific role via the numerous on-line recruitment platforms.
  2. Consultation: We carry out a thorough consultation with you (Depending on the logistics via: face-to-face meeting, phone or Skype) to discuss the specifics of your intentions.
  3. Motivation: We analyse what motivates you? For example, it could be: Title / role, work-life balance, location, company culture, salary, a combination of all of the above. We need to get into the specifics in order to try and advise on the most suitable opportunities for you.
  4. CV review: With your approval, we review and advise on amendments to your CV which will ensure its at current industry standards.
  5. Job opportunities: We advise you on the opportunities and with your approval, submit you for the suitable vacancies that are available at that time.
  6. Communication: we keep you fully informed of every stage of the recruitment process.
  7. Interviews: Should you be successful in being selected for interview for a specific opportunity. We provide full details of the interview process (1,2 3, etc stage interviews, technical testing, time frame for decisions, etc), background to the role, interviewers background, all relevant company information, etc. In addition, we provide interview tips from our dedicated recruitment consultants.
  8. Job Offer: Our experienced recruiters will talk you through the job offer process and advise what is required from you and your potential employer. This can be very straight forward or very complex; however our experience of these situations is key to easing the process for you.

So why choose Optimize?

    1. With a vast database of employers and an established business network, we can assist you in obtaining your ideal career move by guiding you through the job specifications and culture of our clients.
    2. Communication: we will keep you informed throughout the job search & recruitment processes, so you know exactly what stage the process is at or what suitable job opportunities are available to you.
    3. Interview advice and skills: We will advise on the do’s and don’t of the interview process.
    4. We will ensure that your CV is up-to-date with current industry standards.
    5. Experience: We have vastly experienced Recruitment Consultants who will look at numerous options for you. Also Optimize Recruitment’s business is built on repeat business, so we know our clients very well & the culture of their business and hence the recruiters’ advice can provide you with valuable insights into the potential employers.
    6. Confidentiality: Your details are never released without your prior approval.

    To be kept up to date on the latest job opportunities available, please sign up for Job Alerts through the link provided.