Meet the Team – Ciara Lawler 

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This week with we are catching up with Ciara Lawler, she is giving us some insights her background, motivations & her musical taste (Yikes!….joking)….among other things.

With 6+ years recruitment experience in both Ireland & Australia, Ciara manages Optimize’s Accountancy & Finance Recruitment team. Ciara’s professional approach to work shines through perpetually, with an excellent understanding of her sectors of expertise, she has a proven track record of delivering the desired objectives for both job seekers & clients. 

So here we go…..

Question: “Do you have any motto/quote that you work to or believe in?”

Everything happens for a reason! I try to think this way in both personal and working life. 

Question: “What motivates you?”

 Overcoming challenges and achieving deadlines and targets which recruitment often throws into our working day! I have to admit money is a driver for me and I find recruitment is a role where you are rewarded for your hard work whilst also helping people find their dream job is very satisfying and grateful to assist so many companies and individuals throughout my role. 

Question: “Why did you choose Recruitment?” 

To be honest I just fell into it initially for working visa purposes in 2016 during my time in Sydney and then realised I really enjoy it, so I have continued to work in Recruitment since then. It is fast paced and ever-changing, no 2 days are the same – which keeps it interesting, always. 

Question: “What is the best piece of advice you ever got?” 

Don’t worry about things that might never happen stressing about tomorrow takes the good out of today and it will all work out in the end!  

Quickfire round…..

  • Favourite Movie / TV show? 

Home & Away (although I was disappointed when I moved to Oz and realised living like they do on Home & Away was not an option) and I love an easy watch series such as Emily in Paris or Derry Girls. 

  • Favourite Music band/artist? 

Will pretty much listen to a bit of everything – whatever is on the radio! Anything from Ed Sheeran/ Damien Dempsey to a good country music song. 

  • 3 favourite guests you would invite to dinner (Dead or alive)? 

Michelle Obama, Pippa O’ Connor & Jamie Oliver so he can cook for us! 

  • Your death row final meal choice?  

Oh it would have to be a pizza, chips and a good garlic dip. 

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