Meet the team – Gavan Delaney

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Gavan is part of the Recruitment Support team here in Optimize. Gavan is currently studying marketing at IT Carlow (SETU) and he has joined the Team here in Optimize on his college placement. 

This week, we are getting to know Gavan a little more: 

Question: “Do you have any motto/quote that you work to or believe in?”

Tough question, but I would have to say, “Work Hard, Stay Positive” It’s very short but simple and I feel if you stick to these values alone you will go a long way in life.

Question: “What motivates you?”

What motivates me is just now trying to make a good impression as I make my first steps into the workforce. But by the time the end of August comes around I’m sure my motivation will shift to try and get the best results possible for my degree in marketing however for the moment what motivates me is making a good impression on my placement representing my college and also myself. 

Question: “Why did you choose Recruitment?”

I like concept of recruitment – from the marketing to sales to HR, all aspects. It is such a fluid environment, that when I was searching for a company to complete my college placement, I thought Optimize would be of interest to me. 

The company gives me the opportunity to not only learn about the sector I am studying which is marketing but also to gain insights into other sectors such as Construction, Engineering, HR, Finance, sales, etc. It was clear when I met with the MD Eoin Carey for the first time that I would be about to gain invaluable experience, and this is most definitely the case.

Question: “What is the best piece of advice you ever got?”

The best piece of advice I’ve gotten is something my dad always used to say to me was that “comparison is the thief of joy” and ever since I’ve lived by that statement and stopped comparing myself to others especially people around my own age, I’ve been much happier in general.

Quick fire round: 

Favourite Movie / TV show? 

Favourite movie would most definitely be Goodfellas while my favourite TV Show would be Breaking bad so much so that I really don’t watch anymore tv shows as they’ll never compared to how good Breaking Bad was. Both these would probably come under the crime genre and would have similarities in the way they are portrayed so I would say those 2 are both my all-time favourites 

Favourite Music band / artist?

I would say this would be something that changes year by year but overall, over the last 4/5 years I would say Travis Scott, Drake and Kanye West as they seem to be the ones who dominate my Spotify wrapped each year, aside from rap music I would say my favourite band would probably be Coldplay.

3 favourite guests you would invite to dinner (Dead or alive)? 

I would have to say number 1 would be George Best who needs no explaining as to why you’d pick him, number 2 would be Conor McGregor (2016 him before he fought Floyd Mayweather and the money went to his head) and number 3 would be Wayne Rooney I feel like that would go down as one of the greatest dinners anyone could ever have! 

Your death row final meal choice?  

Probably a pepperoni and ham pizza from a place that used to be in Kilkenny but is gone now which was called Uncle Sam’s it’s been gone a while now, but I haven’t had a pizza as good as it was from there yet sadly.

Should you wish to contact Gavan regarding any information on Optimize and how the team can support you, drop him mail on:

Connect with Gavan on LinkedIn – click below: 

Connect with Gavan on this Link

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