Meet The Team – Paul O’Carroll

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Paul is an experienced recruitment professional, specialising in the Construction industry. 

Having previously worked in the construction sector, plus 5+ experience of working in the recruitment industry, Paul provides unique insights into career options and balanced approach to assist in accessing that next step in your career.  

This week, we are getting to know Paul a little better:  

Question: “Do you have any motto/quote that you work to or believe in?”

  • I have always loved the Quote “There are no secrets to success, work hard and be kind and amazing things will happen!”

Question: “What motivates you?”

  • What motivates me the most is the satisfaction of overcoming an obstacle – this has been my greatest motivator in the past. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing challenging goals drew me to a career in recruitment.

Question: “Why did you choose Recruitment?”

  • I have always enjoyed meeting new people and working towards a goal. As someone who enjoys my work, I have a genuine desire to help people find their perfect career match. I know that my communication skills and positive outlook can assist my clients & job seekers achieve their goals. 

Question: “What is the best piece of advice you ever got?”

  • I would say the best piece of advice I got was “As long as you do your best, that is all you can ask for”. 

Quick fire round: 

  • Favourite Movie / TV show? – Favourite movie would have to be Top Gun; favourite TV show is definitely Home and Away
  • Favourite Music style / artist? Favourite music is country music 
  • 3 favourite guests you would invite to dinner (Dead or alive)? Big Tom, Pat Shortt and Robin Williams.
  • Your death row final meal choice? For a final meal it would be a hard choice between a beef Szechuan or crispy shredded chicken and curry sauce. 

Should you wish to discuss the potential career options available or the recruitment of a construction professional, contact Paul in confidence via the details below. / 083 0885073

Connect with Paul on LinkedIn: 

Paul’s LinkedIn Profile

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