Meet The Team – Sarah Lawler

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This week, we are catching up with Sarah Lawler. 

Sarah has recently been promoted from Recruitment Associate to Recruitment Consultant within the Optimize Team. 

Sarah will be managing the full 360 recruitment process – looking after both the candidate and client side of the hiring process, across a range of sectors including: Sales, Marketing, Retail, and Supply Chain. 

Over the last 12 months, working under the guidance of a Senior Recruiter, Sarah has grown & developed his recruitment expertise and is fully deserving of her promotion. Well done, Sarah and best of luck with it.

So, let’s get some insights into Sarah:  

Question: “Do you have any motto/quote that you work to or believe in?”

Release the idea that, things could’ve been any other way and focus on the importance of right now.

Question: “What motivates you?” 

My family and the people I surround myself with, they are very supportive and successful, and it constantly motivates me to do better.

Question: “Why did you choose Recruitment?”

Recruitment was the job I got straight after college and immediately loved the work and the people element of it, I am 100% a people’s person and knew I would prefer a job where I would be communicating and dealing with people. 

Question: “What is the best piece of advice you ever got?”

Probably, everything happens for a reason!! 

Quick fire round: 

  • Favourite Movie / TV show?  – I loved Game of Thrones and currently loving all the Marvel movies. 
  • Favourite Music band / artist? – Depends on the day – literally. I love a good Fleetwood Mac song however! 
  • 3 favourite guests you would invite to dinner (Dead or alive)?  – Jeff Bezos, Stevie Nicks and Kris Jenner (I’m a shameless Kardashian fan!) 
  • Your death row final meal choice?  – Fillet steak, chips and roast vegetables. 

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