Psychometric Profiling


Optimize Recruitment understands the importance of Psychometric Profiling in certain recruitment processes; hence we have partnered with a trusted partner, Paul McMenamy of Nova Innovative to provide the option of this service to our clients.


  • Does your Business ensure that all of your People Assets are fully utilised?
  • Are the personal and business ambitions of your people aligned to your business goals?
  • Do your people have powerful personal insights to best perform their role?
  • Are you looking for ways to enhance your Recruitment & Selection Processes?

As a business owner/senior manager you know that your most valuable Assets are your people. 89% of the Fortune 100 Companies are now using Psychometric Tools to enable their people be much more effective - capitalising on their strengths, managing and nurturing their weaker traits, and better understanding their colleagues and, very importantly, their Clients/Customers needs.

This is an especially powerful piece of the jigsaw as you, your Teams and your Business look to your aspirations for this year and beyond. When was the last time you conducted a stock-take of your intellectual and people capabilities?

With over 20 year’s specialist experience, we at Nova Innovative can help you do this easily, confidentially and cost-effectively.

Psychometric Profiling is the one way to permanently maximise Individual Performance & Contribution through the use of the best available Profiling Tools. This is one of the highest ROI any business can invest in for both recruitment and existing people developmental goals, no matter where they operate in the business. It is an immediate and very tangible cornerstone to build or rebuild your critical People Assets including:

  • Sales Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Senior Management Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Assisting in your Recruitment Selection Process

It is used to:

  • Coach and Mentor staff to Peak Performance
  • Develop High Performing Teams
  • Boost your Sales Team's results
  • Increase Motivation and Effectiveness
  • Improve communication at all levels of your Business
  • Enhance Leadership and Management Skills
  • Augment Time Management and Personal Organisation

There are many Psychometric Models available but we use The Craft Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) which provides an assessment of 8 critically important and highly relevant work-related personality traits. This Model benefits from over thirty years of quantitative research and qualitative experience involving over 2 Million managers and employees. Unlike most other Models, The CPQ also provides a Validity Index (VI) based on the consistency of the Individual’s answers which provides an indication of the usefulness of the Results. Without this Index, the data generated may be wholly or partially unreliable.


  1. Completion of an online Questionnaire by your selected Individual(s) which takes 25-40 Minutes (depending on the Individual)
  1. 5 x Individual High Quality Reports will be issued, normally within 24 hours
  2. Opportunity to review Reports and extract useful insights
  3. 1-1 Detailed Discussion & Debrief (about 60 minutes) with the Individual and/or

their Manager (this can be done by phone or in person) depending on requirements

Next Step?

Contact your Recruiter in Optimize Recruitment who will schedule an initial phone discussion with Paul

“Paul is an insightful facilitator and advisor helping us create a formidable Senior Leadership Team” Paul Ryan CEO

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So if you are seeking powerful Tools to rapidly elevate your business, contact Paul McMenamy MBA FCII @ +353 (87) 752 6288 or for an initial consultation on how the process will work best for your very specific needs.