How to Utilize your LinkedIn Profile

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How to Utilize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms for professional, social and career networking. While individuals use LinkedIn for connecting and job searching, companies use it for recruiting and for sharing company information with prospective employees.
This is a brief introduction on how to utilize your LinkedIn profile. One of my colleagues will provide a more detailed review to maximizing your on-line profile in the future, however, here are eight ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

Choose a Professional Photo
You’ll want to make a good first impression on anyone who views your profile, and a big part of that is your profile picture. You should opt for a professional-looking photo rather than a casual one. Care should be taken when choosing your profile picture, especially in terms of the right clothes, you should dress as though you are being interviewed, the background of your picture should be clear and suitable lighting should be chosen for your profile picture. As first impressions always count.

Write a Good Profile Summary
Your LinkedIn profile summary is a chance to put your best foot forward, especially if you are interested in new job opportunities. The first 2/3 lines of your summary are visible so make sure they are well done. LinkedIn also has a character limit for this section; therefore, it is vital that you make the most of it. Make sure you proofread this section carefully, as typos and disordered writing will give off the wrong impression.

Connect with Other LinkedIn Users
LinkedIn enables you to network with people and professional organizations within your industry. This is a great way to stay up to date with current market trends, and to share information with others in your field. It is also a great way to connect with people that have similar career interests as you and your new connections could even be a potential employer.

How Big Should Your Network Be?
The number of connections you have on your LinkedIn depends. The right connections are more important than the actual number of connections you have. Ideally, you want connections that are relevant to your line of work, that can potentially lead you to a job opportunity, or can provide valuable advice. Quality of your connections are often far more valuable than your quantity. In addition, have your contact details in about you and your company experience so that 2nd and 3rd connections have a way to contact you.

Boost Your Organization’s Profile
If you have set up your own company, or work for a company LinkedIn can increase the visibility of your business and your services. It can portray your companies’ values, too. Do it right, and you can create valuable connections with your potential customers and employees.

Treat Your Profile Like Your C.V
Your C.V isn’t just a list of job duties it is a place to highlight your best accomplishments. Same goes for your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your experience section is filled with bullet points that describe what you did, how well you did it, and who it impacted. Show off all your achievements and strengths on LinkedIn. Recruiters spend countless hours looking through LinkedIn in search of high performers. Market yourself as a high performer in your summary and experience section and it will serve you well.

Finally, Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Up to Date
The more complete your LinkedIn profile is, the better your chances to be found and contacted. Use your LinkedIn profile like a C.V and provide prospective employers with detailed information on your skills and experience. If you are seeking employment be sure to select the button on LinkedIn that shows employers, you are currently looking for a new job role. This is a very useful feature developed by LinkedIn, to help you get one step closer to finding that dream job. Be sure to include every career accomplishment you fulfil and post it to post it on your LinkedIn, as these are the things that make you stand out amongst the rest.

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