Tips for working from home (with Children!)

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Tips for working from home (with Children!)

With the Covid 19 pandemic, brings school closures and many employees working from home. Gemma has put together some tips that may be useful to you during these unprecedented times.

Create a new routine:

We all have our daily routine which has now been changed dramatically due to COVID 19, However it’s important to line up your day carefully, with set “office” hours. Structure works at home for the same reason it works in schools and if it is put in place now children will adjust to the circumstances quickly. The best way to do this is by creating a plan for the day from morning to evening, working in mealtimes, playtime, schoolwork, naptime etc. Try to line up your work schedule with this, for example plan calls/meetings around nap time or afternoon playtime/screen time.  Once this routine is put in place try not to deviate from it as much as possible.

Plan and prep meals, snacks in advance:

Similar to the usual routine we would plan and prep meals in advance and this is just as important now, as it will save time during the working day. Doing a batch cook in the evening or weekends can be extremely helpful as it is only a matter of taking lunch/dinner out of the freezer for the family. For older kids, this is something they could help with, which would be another way of keeping them entertained.

Create a specific work zone:

Try to create a space to work that will allow concentration. This is so you can keep your work and parenting roles separate, giving each your full concentration for a set amount of time without feeling like you aren’t doing either well. If both parents are working from home, take turns with this.

Pre-Plan to keep them entertained: 

Plan new games/playtime for the day ahead:

  • Leave out all their toys to keep them entertained for longer.
  • Arrange for them to watch educational programmes/screen time.
  • Creative time – colouring books, painting, lego.
  • Gardening: even if you don’t have a garden, buy some pots, plants and teach the kids how to look after them every day.
  • Exercise routines – complete online exercise classes for kids with them.

Manage expectations: 

There is no point in being too stressed about noise in the background or if a scheduled call doesn’t go to plan. These things happen, and under the circumstances, many of your colleagues and clients are in the same boat. If you can’t get something done in the day and it can wait, great. If it needs to be done, be flexible and work around the kids or working hours.  This is an unprecedented situation, and no one is going to be perfect.

And finally (and most importantly), try to enjoy this time together. These are stressful times for many people. However, if everyone works together, we will get through it.

Stay Safe!

Gemma will be posting more useful insights over the coming weeks, keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest updates.

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