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There are many reasons why a person might decide to tackle a search on the job market – redundancy, wishing for more responsibility, more money for the skillset in question, or perhaps a change in career direction altogether. It can be quite a daunting task to sit down with a cup of coffee in front of the laptop to start the search. You need to know where and how to start researching and sourcing that ideal position that has been on your mind of late. The questions that might formulate as a result of that crazed online job search can also be overwhelming.

-What is the company culture like?

-Do they pay within my salary range?

-Am I the right fit?

-Is my CV good enough?

-How should I prepare for the interview? What questions should I ask the hiring manager?

-How can I best utilise my LinkedIn?

These are some examples of potential questions that you would probably like to have answered before taking the risk of sending your CV directly to the HR/Hiring Manager. Should you decide to work with a recruitment agency, these questions can all be answered for you to put your mind at ease. For you, a potential candidate, this is a free and invaluable service. And as well as your recruitment agency providing guidance in this area, they can also offer you so much more.

Industry/Market Knowledge

When you start looking for work, there are certain factors you need to take into account before applying for a specific job – e.g. CV, experience etc. But there are also points to think over that are specific to the industry that you are applying for. Your recruitment agency can offer advice on the areas that they have specialised training and background knowledge of.  They can offer you insights on company culture, salaries and potential for growth within companies, as well as the areas of your own career,  to highlight to get traction for an interview. Why stress about all of these factors yourself when you can pick up the phone and speak with a recruitment consultant who specialises in your specific sector.

Maximise Your Strengths

If you have decided to start the search for a new career path or a promotion that you are certain that you can attain, it is necessary to know your strengths, and how best to sell them to your current or potential employer. It’s a tough task to do alone- most of us have experienced the dreaded self-appraisal at some stage in our careers. When dealing with a recruitment agency, you can rest assured that a good consultant will manage your expectations and represent you, not just as an individual, but your skillset and career experience to date. They may even be able to get you a seat at the table to try to prove yourself to be worthy of a position that might not have been expressed on paper. That’s a might, not a guarantee – but a good agent will always try their best for you and portray the relevant skills of their candidates.

Figure Out What Is Going Wrong

It is unfortunate but true that sometimes CVs can get overlooked due to small mistakes and poor layout. You want to portray the best image of yourself, so these seemingly insignificant details can prove crucial. When people undertake to create a CV, and wish to express the career experience they hold, along with goals and achievements, sometimes layout can be forgotten about. The structure and presentation of your CV needs to impress the manager who will be reviewing it. When dealing with an agency, you can have your CV reviewed. If you allow yourself to be open to constructive criticism, a consultant will most certainly guide you in the right direction with advice on templates etc. They may even give you insights regarding the types of information most HR/Hiring Managers want to see. After all, it is a daily occurrence for the agent to receive feedback on CVs from HR Managers and business owners.


So why not utilise this free service available to you from your recruitment agency. It will allow you to utilise readily available information and minimise the stress of searching and research on your part. Interacting with your consultant will also help to give you a sense of confidence and preparedness before applying or tackling an interview. Your recruitment agency has got your back!

Please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

Brian Walsh


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