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There are some obvious things we can all do to find a job through online means. We use, indeed and the well known recruitment agencies. But what if you could go directly to the company? Or through a smaller agency where there is someone on the other end who actually cares whether you get a job or not this summer so Christmas isn’t as bleak as that of 2018.

Introducing social media, you’re new best friend for finding you dream job.

  1. Once I say it, you’ll wonder how you never thought of it before but guys, seriously! Follow the companies you want to work for online! Follow their social media, particularly LinkedIn and Facebook. If it’s retail, hospitality such as trendy cafes or your local dog groomers putting up pictures of their latest cutie pies, you’d be surprised how often they will use social media platforms like Instagram to reach a younger, creative and success-driven generation. Also, interact with the page, pop in and out of the workplace and get to know the staff if its that kind of business – you’d be surprised the faces people remember.
  2. Hashtags – An absolute game-changer when it came to advertising jobs online! #JobFairy #JobSearch #JobVacancy. Use these hashtags! Once you click through, the list of jobs that will be at your disposal will endless. Optimize Recruitment use these hashtags, as do so many companies advertising their own positions. Use them across all your platforms.
  3. I know it seems silly, but if your interests sit with working with Ireland’s bigger businesses, just check out their websites. Any of the big Pharma companies, IT companies, Food Retailers etc. will have a careers section on their website where all of their vacancies will be detailed and an email address should tell you who to contact to apply. It’s worth it!
  4. Follow your local recruitment agency! Local being the keyword. If they are doing it right, which we are, they should be advertising at least SOME of their vacant positions online. The Recruitment Agencies own social media’s will really help you in finding the meatier positions, those without 2 hour commutes either way and will allow you to have a decent work-life balance. However, we can’t always guarantee that!
  5. This will be particularly useful for any of younger job seekers – revert yourself back you your college days and follow your local College Student Unions and their associated Facebook pages! For those in the South-east, WIT Students Union and Carlow IT Students Union pages will be a big help. They advertise a lot of graduate and junior positions. A lot of local employers will contact the college lecturers and ask about any students that may be able to help with particular projects or need a certain skill that some may have gotten from a college course or their internships. It’s worth a shot! This is how I got my first job, believe it or not.
  6. Create your own personal brand. A personal brand?! What? For you non-marketers, a personal brand is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Like any business you have as many chances to re-brand as you like. When you’re a student, build your LinkedIn to show yourself as someone with many talents and willing to learn anything, even if you know exactly what you want to do. Fill up that skills section with a bunch of skills that you see in every job spec you look at. Capable of Working in a Team. Microsoft Office Experience. Time Management – Convince that employer that you have never been late for anything in your life. Once you have those skills in, focus on those that are more specific to you. If you’re an engineer, list CAD as one of your skills, if you want to pursue accounting, list SAGE as one of your top skills. Add your college thesis and all your fancy projects to your LinkedIn page and let the employers come to you. LinkedIn pages with the projects section get 8x more views that the regular LinkedIn page.
  7. Tell people you are looking for a job (Only if you’re currently unemployed) – If people have information, they will be keen to share it. It’s like gossip really. People have connections everywhere, particularly on LinkedIn. Throw your employment status and rough idea of what you are looking for up online and allow your old school friends and past colleagues to spread the news of your talents for you! That’s how things go viral nowadays, brutal honesty.

We want you to be successful through whatever means it takes to get you there. Obviously we would love to be the people that help you land that dream job that sets you up for life but sometimes our jobs just don’t suit your industry or commitments at the time, and that’s fine too. But we do want you to explore our own social medias and website and see the vast array of jobs that we do have on offer.

Our team cover all areas and sectors and we want to help. Try out our above tips, if they don’t work, maybe you just have to deal with us instead?

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